The Iconic Carol Channing - Part I

Gloria Greer
Carol Channing and Tommy Tune
Arriving in New York - Jerry Green, Gloria, Gary Hall, Carol Channing, Donna Martin and Sylvia Long

The amazing Carol Channing continues to sparkle and receive accolades. At the age of 92, this dynamic three-time Tony winner and Broadway and film favorite is beloved where ever she goes. She wowed a sold out crowd recently at a venue on Long Island’s Fire Island, was adored by friends who attended a party for her at Tommy Tune’s stunning Manhattan penthouse, and on Dec. 5 the city of Palm Springs will show its devotion  when Carol receives the Jackie Lee Houston Heart of Gold Award at the annual Athena Awards sponsored by the PS Chamber of Commerce.

I was so fortunate to have been able to accompany Carol and her cousin, Sylvia Long, on their visit to Fire Island and New York. Palm Springs friends were definitely part of our entourage. Gary Hall and Jerry Green added to the fun and flew to New York with Carol, Sylvia, Harlan Boll, and yours truly. Charles Dunn and Rob Piepho flew from Palm Springs to attend the party at Tommy Tune’s dramatic penthouse with its breathtaking views of Manhattan’s famed skyline and East River.

I have been a Channing fan for many years but I have never seen so much adoration for one person as  I saw at the airport, the ferry when we landed at Fire Island,  the ecstatic sold out audience at the Ice Palace in Fire Island, or her Broadway and Hollywood friends who gathered at the Tune penthouse the night after our Fire Island adventure to welcome Carol “Back to Broadway.” That party was hosted by Tune, Peter Glebo, Gloria Naftali, and Think Iconic Artists Agency headed by Wayne Gmitter.

 Carol is still so funny - whether on stage or at home and the friendship between Tommy and the woman he calls his “spiritual mother” (Carol) is so heartwarming.  He says she is funny but really a “closet intellectual.”

Details and photos of the iconic Channing and how she conquered New York and Fire Island will follow –so stay tuned and log on!


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