Shirley Wilson, PR Director Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

This is a fantastic video-documentary about FIDM on Exploring the ARTS!!!

Dear Gloria!!!!  This is a fantastic video- documentary about FIDM on Exploring the Arts!!! 

I know you to be a PR0 beyond all PR0s and this exceptional piece is proof once again!  What presence and articulation!!!!... and  the brilliant editing too!!!!!  Can't thank you enough!!!  

I would love to show this to every one at all campus locations ...they all have big monitors in their libraries and in reception areas....would we be able to purchase a DVD of the show? 

I'm sending the link to Nick Verreos who has a very large following on multiple social media platforms. 

Soooooooo happy to hear that you will be here for the exhibition opening...bring as many friends as you'd like.  Will Anne be here? Hope so.  Again!  Just remarkable!! 

Thank you sooooooo! 



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