Toby Jae

The interview you did with Mr. [Andy] Williams in 2009 was absolutely wonderful!

Dear Ms Greer,
The interview you did with Mr. Williams in 2009 was absolutely wonderful! I just watched it on YouTube and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the thoughtful and relaxed manner in which you spoke with him and he with you.  Thank you so much for taking me to The Moon River Theatre, Grill and into his home. I watched with my eyes wide open and at times my jaw just dropped. I'm an East coast girl; a Jersey girl. I have never been farther west than eastern Pennsylvania but I wanted to go to Branson so much since I found out about The Moon River Theatre, which sad to say was only last summer. I never saw anything about Mr. Williams being in Branson on any of the NY news outlets. It is so hard to believe how that is possible. Today I read that his restaurant will be re-opening as "Shorty's" next week and that in addition to his Navajo blanket collection, the rest of his beautiful art collection, (perhaps items shown during your interview) is already being liquidated. I had hoped
that perhaps this year my husband and I would be able to visit the theatre, but at this rate it's possible there will be no theatre to visit. I really wanted to try his Mother's home-made chicken pot pie dish at the Grill and bring home a bottle of Andy Williams Merlot but I think that seemingly doable dream will never come to pass. I've been a fan for close to 50 years, pretty much the entirety of my life and it is hard for me to say goodbye. Your interview was the only one I have seen with Mr. Williams where the interviewer allowed him to speak, finish his thought and elaborate without jumping in and speaking over him.  It was a pleasure to watch a woman conduct herself like a lady. You are quite a lady! Thank you so very much for posting the most lovely and respectful interview with Mr. Williams, to YouTube. You gave me a gift tonight and I am most appreciative!  Continued success in all you do!


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