Palm Springs Air Museum

The Palm Springs Air Museum is one of the finest air museums in the country with emphasis on the contributions of our World War II veterans and the planes that saved our freedom. Flight demonstrations are frequent. Planes from the Viet Nam and Korean wars are also exhibited and flown during flight demonstrations, Education is an important part of the Palm Springs Air Museum and there are many student as well as adult activities. Details are available by clicking on our link to the Palm Springs Air Museum. We are proud of their continued sponsorship of our three television programs, "Conversations With Gloria Greer", "Explorig The Arts", and "Classic Conversations With Gloria Greer".

Accolades and Applause

... THANK YOU for the two mentions of the Beamer Awards in your blog! - Adrienne Barton - VP Strategic Development, BFC Foundation
Gloria, I love your new website . . . - Jamie Kabler



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