A Devilish 50 Years

Gloria Greer

Andrew Neiderman has written hundreds of books – probably his most famous “The Devil’s Advocate” but he also holds the longest literary franchise in the world. That is because he has been writing the V.C. Andrews global best sellers for 26 years – since the death of Virginia Andrews.  The good news is that he is writing another six V.C. novels and Lifetime is going to produce a minimum of four V.C. Andrews films.

 One would think from reading his books or seeing the feature films and TV episodes made from his published works that the author was a macabre weirdo.  I mean he makes a hero out of the Devil and highlights people obsessed with family hatreds. But does the author share any of his fictional qualities? Heavens no! He is the exact opposite. Here is a man who has been married to the same beautiful woman for 50 years and cannot go more than a couple of hours without raving about his wife, his children and grandchildren.

 He shared that love when he and Diane celebrated 50 years of wedded bliss by repeating their marriage vows in a garden at Spencers in Palm Springs before an audience of 78 friends. Diane was escorted to the alter by their son Erik, and it was the Neiderman’s grandson Dustin who took an On Line religious course to be able to legally remarry the loving couple who wrote their own marriage vows.

The evening, including a lavish dinner dance, was orchestrated by the Neiderman’s daughter, Melissa, who could become a professional party planner.  She is so detailed that the place cards she ordered were miniature typewriters with guests names inserted– pretty appropriate for an author who had started his literary career on a typewriter.  Patricia Welch was a surprise guest singer who wowed the crowd.  Art of Sax provided the upbeat music that seemed to draw everyone to the dance floor. It was a happy party, a loving party, and honored two of the nicest people who ever celebrated 50 years together. 

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