Coachella Valley History Museum

The Coachella Valley History Museum is a true gem located in Indio, California. The museum pays tribute to the pioneers that helped establish the Coachella Valley - from the native Americans to the railroad workers and to Dr. Carreon, one of the major Mexican American forces behind the development of the city of Indio, Among those interviewed are Elaine Holmes, Mayor of Indio, Gloria Franz, board member, Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz, and Gloria Rodriguez, executive director of the Dr. Carreon Foundation.

Charities and Causes

ACT for MS

Please Suport this organization by clicking the logo above and giving a donation or your time.  ACT for MS provides programs and services for people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis that live in the Coachella Valley. Programs and services are free to insure that all can participate without having to eliminate or reduce vital needs such as housing, food, utilities, etc.


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