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Michael Davis

Michael Rolland Davis is president of Ivory Classics, a distinguished and respected record label catering to the finest in classical music. He also produced many of the CDs that featured vurtuoso pianist Earl Wild. After Wild died, Davis completed Wild's fascinating and over 700 page memoir, "A Walk On The Wild Side."  Often called "The last of the Romantics" by critics, Wild's first hand accounts of the greatest artists of our time is a "must" and a credit to Davis who compiled it all.

Jack Jones and Bill Marx

Two legendary performers, Emmy winning singer Jack Jones and pianist, songwriter and arranger Bill Marx reminisc about their famous fathers, Allan Jones and Harpo Marx of harp and Marx. Bros. fame.

David Zippel

Tony Awards and Oscar nominations are all familiar to song writer David Zippel who has managed to win and be nominated numerous times for the shows and films he helpd to create.

Don Wardell

The phrase "Don's On" is the cue for Don Wardell, a favorite musicologist and radio host. He airs his musical knowledge and the best songs from the Great American Song Book on KWXY AM and daily. A former Grammy winner, the audience is often told, "The Grammy winner plays the Grammy winning songs." In this interview, he talks about his Grammy, his career, and his love of  the artists who gave us "The Great American Song Book."

James Frawley

One of film and television's most prolific directors,  James Frawley won an Emmy for his very first TV series, "The Monkees."

"I Loved Lucy"

Author Lee Tannen disusses his close friendship with Lucille Ball during the last 10 years of her life - and his book and play, "I Loved Lucy."

Walter Cronkite



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