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Christian Hohmann & Imago Galleries

"Exploring The Arts" visits two of the finest and most beautiful art galleries in Palm Desert, Calforniia.

Lindsey Wagner
Andy Williams

Visit Andy at his La Quinta home, his residence in Branson and the Andy Williams Theatre and restaurant in Branson. His co-stars sing and perform his praises. His voice was called a National Treasure by President John F. Kennedy  This is an in depth interview with one of America'finest artists.

Andrew Neiderman

Andrew Nederman is one of the world's best selling authors. His novel, "The Devil's Advocate" became one of the film industry's major block busters and will soon be a theatre musical. While many of the novels he has written under his own name have been converted into films and television, he is the author who holds the longest running literary franchise in the world. He has penned the best selling V.C. Andrews novels for the past 26 years

Gary Pudney

Gary Pudney, top TV producer and former ABC TV V.P, shares stories about the most famous TV personalities, Don't miss the clip of Michael Jackson singing and dancing during a birthday tribute to Elizabeth Taylor that raised lots of money for AIDS.  This "Conversations With Gloria Greer" originally aired on Time Warner Cable in 2009 and is a memory classic.

Julie Bolz

Julie Bolz grew up in luxury, but she went to Afghanistan where, with other American volunteers, she helped to educate 10,000 young women in that country. This is a story you won't read in the newspapers and an interview you won't see anywhere else.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower



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