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KVCR TV Palm Springs Air Museum

Palm Springs Air Museum is one of the nation's finest flying museums, featuring planes from World War II, the Korean and Vietnam wars. It also has hidden art treasures. In this edition of Exploring The Arts we uncover those treasures.

KVCR TV Margaret O'Brien

During the Golden Period of motion pictures and MGM studios which claimed to have more stars at its studio than there were in the heavens, there was no child more admired and loved than Margaret O'Brien. What was it like to grow up with so much adoration and fame? What was it like to go from childhood into adulthood as an actress and a woman? Margaret tells us in this exclusive interview from Palm Springs famed Ingleside Inn.

KVCR TV - Rona Barrett

Rona Barrett was a pioneer in entertainment journalism, the first to bring entertainment reports to a regular half hour news program.

John Bayless

John Bayless, an extraordinary concert pianist, lost the use of his right hand after suffering a stroke. In this second interview Gloria has conducted with John since his stroke, he describes his improvement and new opportunities that have opened for him. He also brings magic to the piano with only one hand. This is an inspirational video experience, Recorded in 2011, it repeats on PBS/KVCR TV Oct. 20.

KVCR TV - The Wrecking Crew

The Wrecking Crew, known throughout the industry, were the musicians who played on virtually every pop hit out of Los Angeles in the 1960s.

Gloria talks to producer Denny Todesko and Hall of Fame drummer Hal  Blaine about the fascinating docmuntary produced by Todesko that features artists Nancy Sinatra, Share, and Glen Campbell plus dozens of others who worked with these legendary musicians highlighted here. You will love the music, the musicians, and performers discussed and showcased on this program.

Palm Springs Air Museum

The many hidden treasures at the Palm Springs Air Museum are uncovered during this visit to one of America's finest flying museums..

KVCR TV - Julie Nixon Eisenhower

This is a repeat of a classic conversation with Julie Nixon Eisehower.  It was taped while George W. Bush was still a popular president. Julie's honesty about her father and her life in the White House and beyond is fascinating. 



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